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Simple Marketing Application
for a customer-centric view

Powerful, affordable marketing tools for Restaurants and Retail Business

Identify Customers

Optimize your marketing budget to its fullest potential. Drive more leads while expending less time and money.

Track and Reward Customers

Give your customers incentives that go beyond the occasional freebie. With LoyaltyNoggin, customers earn points and increased status as they visit, post and like your social sphere more frequently. They will buy and visit more frequently.

Increase Profit

Knowing how your customer interacts with your brand allows you to tailor messages to them at the right time.

Meet your new marketing toolkit.

Powerful features built to increase & optimize your marketing efforts

  • LoyaltyNoggin Profile
  • LoyaltyNoggin CRM


To grow revenue, you need more than a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application — you need LoyaltyNoggin. Managing your customers is just the beginning. You need to know where, when and how your customers are interacting with your brand. You need to be able to react to customers who fall off by getting them back into your site/store with special offers. Spend less to acquire new customers. Make existing customers happy utilizing a loyalty and rewards system. Don't split your revenue 50/50 with a deal engine provider.

  • DailyDeal Engine
  • DailyDeal Engine

DailyDeal Engine

Need more customers? Don't we all! Now we have a way for you to promote your business to current customers as well as our database of customers who signed up on our DealNoggin website to receive offers. One of the great things about the deals is that you can exclude zip codes and previous purchasers of your deals. This allows you to target deals to new customers or customers who have not visited your location in a certain period of time.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social campaigns help you grow your audience and keep them interested in your business. Get new fans to “like” your page with an enticing offer that you can easily promote to your social media networks and email lists in less than 15 minutes.

Know which customers are your social fans and reward them. Offer customer rewards for inviting friends to join them and create more brand advocates.

  • Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Your customers check their inbox all day, every day. You're sure to reach them when you work with LoyaltyNoggin. Build relationships, drive revenue, and deliver real results for your business. Now you have the tools and the data needed to make your email marketing efforts pop with personalized offers that customers look forward to receiving. Track your customers and their behavior like never before.

  • Ad-tracker
  • Ad-tracker


Have you ever wondered if the ads your paying for are truly generating revenue. Well stop wondering and start tracking - Know who is calling and how they found you. Maximize the return on your advertising dollar.

Purchase local and toll free numbers from our database to use on advertisements and track the effectiveness of each campaign. Make smarter decisions based on results and get a better understanding of what works for you. Our call tracking service will help you market your business, cost effectively.

  • LoyaltyNoggin Insights
  • LoyaltyNoggin Insights

Web Site

Tired of waiting weeks for a simple update to your web site or paying to have simple changes made. Now Google has announced that if your web site is not responsive they will drop you from mobile search. It's time to take control of your web site, get a responsive web site you can update any time and do not loose your Google ranking.​

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